just once more…

I have to share such beauty…

the donkey's hind legs

old love,
embedded within,
suddenly, woken,

briefly, virtually,
could it be growing again?
memories flood back,
filling daydreams in the sunshine…

to kiss, that kiss,
to touch, that touch,
to breathe our breath,
just once more…

briefly beautiful, exciting
then, alas, gone
but of course,
it could have no other fate…

gut knotting, guilty pleasures
relief, release,
and breathe…

back to reality,
its such a beautiful thing,
but don’t look back in anger,
but rose tinted glasses are allowed.


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Is it possible to learn emotional intelligence…online?

Scrolling through my emails and browsing the group purchase deals, I did a double-take… ‘Online Emotional Intelligence Course’ …  I have to ask the question… well, I have to ask a number of questions actually!  Including (but not limited to) WHAT THE FUCK?  Who can sell Emotional Intelligence?  Who thinks they can buy Emotional Intelligence?  And if someone is fully aware that it is actually a learning process – do they simultaneously believe that it is possible to achieve Emotional Intelligence through digital means without person to person, face to face  interaction and contact???  Is that where we are at People??? Next thing we know, we’ll be signing up for courses on how to hold a Verbal Conversation with an actual Live Breathing Human Being!!!

Do I sound a bit hypocritical taking this viewpoint while writing an on-line blog??? HAHAHA Yes… I do… I know but I still hold real value in the “look-me-in-the-eyes-and-feel-my-truth” communication method.  So back to the question of Emotional Intelligence… the harsh reality is that we only achieve emotional growth and intelligence when we experience life and it’s roller-coaster of feelings and emotions.  Without experience… hands on; in your face; tears in your ears; laughter in your ears; aching in your heart experience… emotional intelligence is illusive and unattainable.  And let’s face – who even thinks about it?   Are we aware of our own emotional intelligence?  I think the general answer is no… we are not.  We should be but we fall seriously short.

So I don’t know about you… but I’ll take being hurt and feeling it… laughing and crying… hugging and touching… making love and feeling the sun on my skin to to earn my scars and get my badges of ’emotional intelligence’.

That’s one on-line course I do not see the value in.


… to my eloquent and insightful thoughts on society and people… eh… what a load of frolics! 😀 😀 😀

This blog is my attempt to share the niggling thoughts that occur to me occasionally…  I’m assuming that doing so will help me to grow as a person and become a more well rounded and happy ole soul!!

Stranger things have happened you know…. 🙂